Why Make Video Brochure Clean Before Packing?

Have you ever experienced that there are fingerprints or stains on the screen of the video brochure after receiving the goods? This brings terrible experience to the customer. Therefore we have strict requirements on this:

1. There cannot be hot melt adhesive and glue wire on the video brochure.
2. There cannot be a visible stain residue on the video brochure.
3. There cannot be fingerprints and dust on the screen.


Matte Lamination surface has strong anti-pollution ability and will not easily produce fingermarks.

Glossy Lamination surface is easier to clean, you just need to wipe it with a soft wet cloth. Soft Touch Lamination is prone to appear stains. It is hard to clean but has a good touch feel. Anti-scratch Lamination is similar to Matte Lamination but has a scratch-resistant surface.

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