LCD 2.4”-10.1” Video Books with Printed Pages

If you have a lot of graphic design, we can bind more pages. Now you’re like previewing an existing e-book, between the rich images and the text, the attention of the audience will be aroused by the video.

Using a LCD screen with a size of 2.4 inch to 10 inch, the Video Book looks more like an e-book after a few insets are added. This interactive medium creates a powerful connection with the user. It is much loved and also brings an active insight into more information. You can use it for many things, such as pre-school education, product demonstrations, restaurant menus and so on.

It supports mainstream video formats, such as MOV, AVI and MP4, which can be played once it is directly uploaded to the video book without any secondary processing after you make the video. If screen space is sufficient,there are two typesetting options, horizontal and vertical. Besides, we welcome you to design other special sizes because this is a fully customized product.

LCD Video Books for Promotions and Invitations

From the appearance, we insert an LCD display in a book. Exactly, we can add more pages to print your graphics. We adopt the latest video and print technology to connect businesses with their customers closely. The Video Book provides you with more options for developing and maintaining customers.During the promotion, you can invite more valuable potential customers to the event.

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