Funsuper® – Video Brochure Specialists in Shenzhen, China

Brand Introduction

Funsuper® is a Chinese brand owned by consumer electronics manufacturer Fun Technology Ltd. Since 2009, Funsuper has been specialized in video marketing solutions, these include video business cards, video brochures, video booklets, video mailers, video folders, video packaging, video signage and point of sale video displays. Funsuper’s mission is to deliver solutions that engage audiences in creative ways. We design, develop, & manufacture innovative business communications tools to empower global brands and agencies.

Funsuper Video Brochures

There are so many uses for Video Brochures that no matter how many we come up with, we are always thinking of more! Video has become a key part of online media with millions – if not billions – of videos watched every day. This product allows you to take advantage of the latest trends in consumer viewing habits but with a fresh, uninterruptible approach.


► Video Direct Mail

► Video Books

► Video Brochures

► Video Business Cards

► Video POS (Point of Sale) Displays

► Specialty Video Packaging

► Video Training Manuals

► Educational Videos

► Print and Marketing Collateral

► Video Folders

► Magazine Inserts

► Video Catalogs

► Keepsakes

Video Brochure Specialist - Design, Production, Duplication

FunSuper’s mission is to deliver solutions that engage audiences in creative ways. We design, develop, & manufacture innovative business communications tools to empower global brands and agencies. Our job is to make the design and production process of your video brochure as simple and as seamless as possible.

Production Line

Funsuper has the capacity to produce more than 10,000 video brochures per week. This leads to super fast delivery times and only the best quality video brochures at the best prices!

Quality Check

Quality is our top priority. We strictly conduct QC in all processes from product develop & design, raw material purchasing, production, aging testing and packing to delivery. 


Price is our key policy. With the support of our efficient management, we can control the cost of raw materials, OEM and R&D well. We can offer you very competitive price to make you stand out among numerous competitors.

The video business card looked great!

“The video business card looked great and has been very well received by everyone we’ve shared it with – thanks, and great work!”

Lauren James
Delux Designer

The product is awesome

The product is awesome and delivery is right on time!

Jennifer Wilson
Sales Director

Professional service, impressive!

Thanks for your hard working for our 500pcs LCD VIDEO CARD, Your professional service , quality products and competitive price are very impressive.

Andrew Mee
Group Marketing Director

Great product and material and workmanship!

Great product and material and workmanship exceeded my expectations and is worth it, and the price is very good and arrived within combined.

Wilson Rosarbo
Executive Director

Excellent trial order

Excellent trial order. Very nice product. I definately can recommend and look muich forward to be a returning customer.

Jessica Kennedy
Groups and Events Sales Executive

Exceeded expectations!

Exceeded expectations! Client thrilled with product…
Great to work with and attention to detail and quality always front of mind. Thank you!

Anthony Fatairy
Marketing Communications Consultant

Such a clever and unique concept!

These are AWESOME! Such a clever and unique concept. I love that you can load more than one video! Great quality too. Would definitely recommend!

John Maxwell
Cluster Sales Events Manager

It’s a very good and well-made product.

It’s a very good and well-made product which works reliable. Very fast shipping from china to germany. The guys from funsuper did a great job !!

Greets from Germany