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What is the minimum order quantity?

For standard sizes our minimum is just 25 pieces. Some custom projects require higher minimums and it will depend on the scope of the customization.

Can I upload any video on my Video Brochure?

Yes, it is easy in most cases, as long as it meets the products specs for your Video Brochure, such as video format, screen resolution and memory size. (2.4″ size will need us to upload for you).

What about the lead time?

Typically it takes about 7-15 working days. This is for standard sizes and orders between 25-2,500 units. Custom projects and larger orders may require more lead time.

Can I upload my own videos by myself?

Yes. It is easy. Except on the 2.4″. But we have a 3″ size which is better and will allow you to upload to it.

How much do video in print products cost?

Each project is custom quoted based on your needs. Currently prices range from typical costs for 100 Video Smartbooks range between $20-$50 depending on screen size and other variables. We are very competitively priced. Please Contact Us for our current price sheet. 

Can I Get A Sample?

Yes, we offer low cost random samples of our video brochures for just $25 to $50 depending on which screen size you order. Shipping via USPS is included.

Are your products Guaranteed?

Yes, we guarantee against defects. Please check your video brochure / video mailer order upon receipt.

Are the Video Brochures durable?

Yes, we use high quality, double coated 350 gsm paper for the soft cover video brochures, and sturdy paperboard (like you would get at a bookstore) for the hard cover video books.

How long can my video be?

Depending on the memory size and battery power you choose, video can be under a minute or up to 2 hours or more. Our minimum memory will play up to 6-7 minutes of video.

How long will the battery last?

Batteries are rechargeable and last up to 1.5 – 2 hours of play time when fully charged. Upgrades are available. Unplayed, the battery will typically last for months. Each video card comes with its own charging cord.

How many videos and buttons can I have?

You can have up to 10 buttons depending on the size of your video player. We include up to five video function buttons, so you can have buttons to play 2-3 videos, plus volume control and play/pause, for example.

Can you help with graphic design?

Yes. That is an additional cost. We offer graphic design assistance if needed.

Do the video brochures work with PC and MAC?

Most will work with either, but if you will only be using a MAC please let us know to be sure it has the correct programming.

Can you send us the art template / layout for the brochure?

Yes. We will send you template/layout for the brochure after confirmed details. Or you can donwload on our website.

What is your payment policy?

50% down payment and balance due upon shipping. Exceptions may apply.

Do I get a proof sample before they go to print?

We will make a proof sample and take sample picture and videos for confirm.

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