How to Choose the Video Brochure Control Buttons?

The buttons installed on the video brochure can be classified into two types, including default physical button and soft touch button. The physical button requires a certain amount of force to make it work, therefore it is more tactile. The soft touch button is the latest one we are promoting. It will work just by a soft touch with your finger. If you need a lot of buttons to control the video playback, we recommend using soft touch buttons to make operation easier and to avoid interference caused by multiple buttons that are too close from each other. We support setting 15 buttons at most.

According to the dimension in your design document, we choose buttons with different heights. In general, the best optional range is from 7.2mm to 10mm.

Application of physical key is a mature technology, you do not have to worry about damage after multiple press. The service life is up to 1500 times.

You don’t have to worry about frequent press operations that will break the weld. Because we apply hot glue to every node of the button so that button function failure can be avoided.

Almost as soon as you release your finger, the screen of the video brochure will respond, switching or changing the content it is playing.

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