Video in a Card with Gloss and Matte Lamination

Funsuper can provide a waterproof and wear-resistant protective film for each video brochure, which is default and free. Besides, there are two options for you, including Matte Lamination and Glossy Lamination.

The surface of Glossy lamination is smooth and lustrous, presenting a reflective effect, while the surface of Matte lamination is dark, showing a foggy effect. If you want to realize partial UV, you are suggested to choose Matte Lamination. In general, Matte Lamination is used for darker surfaces and glossy Lamination is used for lighter ones, but this is ultimately up to customer’s preference.

By hot processing on the paper and exerting pressure, a layer of film will be adhered on the paper, which makes the surface of the paper show a glossy or matte effect. Almost every video brochure will be treated in this way. The glossy film can increase the brightness of the picture album, while the matte film can make the picture album more textured.

This is a polyethylene protective layer, which makes video brochure more durable while waterproof.
(Note: Specialty Papers does not support this process). 

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