Top 5 Hot Sale Video in Brochures and Packages

Funsuper Video in Print is a full-customized product. The video brochure is magical and changeable, we could add any element according to your requirement, such as inserts, pockets and touch screens. Besides, the appearance dimension is not limited. You could select other customized sizes such as 210*210mm and 225*178mm other than standard A4 or A5. The screen size is optional and ranges from 2.4 inch to 10.1 inch. If you want to get a higher resolution of the screen, just try to use HD or IPS screen. The power of the built-in chargeable lithium battery can be expanded to more than 2000mAH. In general, we default to match the optimized battery model for the video brochure according to your screen size. If your video file is 200MB, then 256MB memory will be the best choice. The largest memory can be expanded to 16GB. For brochure printing, if the common CMYK scheme cannot express all your colors and ideas, you could add special colors or make special finishes such as UV, Silver, Gold Stamp and embossing. Besides, you could set customized buttons at the bottom of the video brochure screen. The buttons include On/Off, Play/Pause, FR, FF, Previous and Next. For more information, please read the following instructions.

1. Video Business Card

It is time to discard traditional paper cards! This creative business card looks high-end and textured after being equipped with an LCD display. It has the same size with the business paper card. But the difference is that LCD business card could introduce your products or company profile to people via videos. To bring new visual and auditory experience to you, your information will impress the audience deeply. The 320*240 screen is clear enough to display simple text and videos. If you want to make it a business card or your budget is not sufficient, this will be the best choice to you.

2. Video Brochure

Compared with the video business card, you could select the screen with a larger size now. The 4.3-inch screen could only display a video with a resolution of 480*720. The screen window size is 94*53mm, which is more suitable for less budget. The 5-inch IPS screen has a higher resolution. The 854*480 resolution supports playing a 720P video. As long as the text is not too small, it will be displayed clearly. The 5 inch screen with a physical size of 111*61mm has the highest price performance ratio. Both of the screens are fit for A6 or larger paper size.

The most popular 7-inch screen supports playing 1080P videos or videos with a higher resolution. It has excellent picture quality and brightness. With a physical size of 152*85mm, it is suitable for A5 or a larger paper card. Besides, 7-inch IPS screen supports full view, which allows you to display videos to others. If you could provide medium budget, this video brochure will bring you shocking experience.

The most luxurious 10.1-inch screen is the upgrade version of 7-inch screen. If you need to display more text or video files with magnificent scenarios, this kind of screen will have an appealing performance. You can customize this large-screen video brochure for your distinguished guests or VIP users. I believe it will bring you an outstanding return. Of course this will require you to have more budget.

3. Video In Folder

When you add a pocket, this video brochure can become an ‘electronic folder’, you can put more paper documents, such as brochures, quotation forms, project documents, photos and so on. All materials related to the theme will be saved in the folder.

4. Video Packing Box

This is a new way of product packing. You can install video modules on the box and use videos to introduce product features, using methods and brand concept to your customers. This is an excellent and innovative marketing package of video media. It combines video screen technology with color box printing technology. Now this novel way of packaging is adopted by many world’s leading brands and luxury goods companies.

5. Hard Cover Video Book

If you want to make video brochure more textured, the hard cover will definitely meet your requirement. Adopting 1200gsm Gray cardboard could make it harder and more durable. You can imagine the difference between a hardcover book and a soft cover book. It should be noted that hardcover will cost more freight.

Funsuper Video in Print combines Physical, Digital, Print and Video into one interactive proposition – on their own, each channel fulfills a vital marketing role. When combined they are a highly effective force in helping you stand out and be remembered. Contact for best deals of today!

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