User Manual of WeADS CMS for FYD835SD and FYD835S

User Manual of ADS Advertisement Management System

(Just for model # FYD-835S and 835SD)


1.User Management

  1.1 Modify Password

  1.2 Add User

  1.3 Search User

2.Device Management

 2.1 Move Device

 2.2 Delete Device

3.File Management

  3.1 Upload File

  3.2 Release File

  3.3 Batch Delete File


How to Make Device to Auto Download Released Files

   (Connect Device with WIFI)

  1. Press ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to Turn on Device and then ADS App Auto-Starting
  2. Click Screen Anywhere 6 Times to Enter Password 887887 to Android Interface
  3. Click [Setting] and Choose WiFi to Connect, Sound, Display Brightness, Language etc
  4. Click [ADS] APP Sign to Display Contents

5.First, Enter your account link as following manual to Upload and Release Files at Advertisement Management System Backstage and Wait for ADS to Auto Download and Display Updated Files Successfully and then Can Choose Old Files to Delete

Enter this link

then Input Your User Name and Password

Remark: Before order shipping, we create your account name as your requirement with initial password and add all your devices under your account.

Home Page

1.User Management

1.1 Modify Password

Click [User] and then User Name to change password

1.2  Add New User [ Only Available for Mass Order Account ]

Click add+ icon  and input User Name, Password, Confirm Password and Confirm to Add

Repeat the process to add more Sub-users.

★ Please noted can’t delete any account after created .

Sample order account is the third Level account, so can’t add any sub-user account.

Mass order account is the second Level account,so can add Sub-users account A1, A2, A3 and etc. as your need.

1.3  User Search

Click   User menu  — Input the user name — Search

2.Device Management

  2.1 Move Device

 Devices can easily be moved to other users that are under your main account .

★ Choose user that have the device MAC number and click    right arrow  icon     and user to finish moving, then upload or release files for the moved device.

Detail please see attached [ Move Device ] operation video.

2.2  Search Device

Click  search bar to input MAC number and Click  search Again

  1. File Management

3.1 / 3.2 Upload and Release File

Click   file folder  icon   — Choose User — Full Screen or Split Screen –Click + upload file icon

and Add Photo or Video+Photo — Confirm Upload –Upload Successfully —Release File

Remark:  After [Upload File] finished, click [Release File] to take effect.

[Full Screen] only for Dispaly Photo with Size : 600*1024 Pixels

Each time upload max 5 photos and each photo less than 2M.

Each photo display time 6 seconds.

[Split Screen] for Video+Several Photos

One Video can be with Several Photos (Photo Quantity=Video Time / 6)

Video Size: 600*324 Pixels and Ratio 16:9

Picture Size: 600*700 Pixels

1080P Video Format: MP4

Picture Format: JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG

[Split Screen] : One Video+ Several Photos

3.3 Delete File

Click    Batch Delete    –Choose Files — Click [Confirm Delete] — [Release File]

Please note : If you deleted all files of account before uploaded new files successfully, devices appear [ Hint]—Click [ Confirm ] to switch to android interface–then after uploaded and released new files for devices–Click [ADS] App to download and display new picture and video.

How to Find Device【WiFi MAC Address】

  1. Find Number Wrote on White Label Sticker
  2. Enter Android System to Click [Setting] — [About Tablet]–[Status]

How to Manage Thousands of Devices to

Display Different Advertisements at Different Places

Mass order Account are available to add as many sub-users as you want.

For Example: 10 Places need 200pcs Devices

  1. Add 10 Sub-users: Each Place Name set up as a Sub-user
  2. Move devices to Sub-user as each place’ need
  3. Choose Sub-user to [Upload File] and then [Release File] on Registered Devices

Please note:

★ Sub-user can’t add any sub-sub-user.

★ Devices of same sub-user display same advertisement contents.

★ can’t delete any account created , but can move devices as your need.

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