CMYK Printed Video Brochure with Spot UV Coating

UV refers to perform calendaring and coating on the part that needs to be highlighted, such as trademark and specific content of the video brochure according to requirements. Compared with surrounding patterns, the calendaring pattern is brighter and more stereoscopic, which can bring unique artistic effects.

Partial UV calendaring is a kind of surface finishing technology for video brochure. UV varnish with high brightness, transparency and wear-resistance is used to polish the printed text and pattern selectively.

While highlighting the layout theme, the decoration effect of the printed surface is also improved. It usually adds brilliance to its present splendor. If you need to perform a UV Finish on specific content, make sure that you put it in a separate layer.

The partial UV of the Video brochure can be implemented after Lamination or calendared directly after printing. But in order to highlight the effect of partial calendaring, the partial UV is usually conducted after Lamination and often performed with Matte Lamination.

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