Gold Foil Stamping Video Brochure Printing Effect

Gold stamping, with the scientific name anodized hot stamping, is a special printing technology without using the ink. With the help of a certain pressure at the temperature, it uses templates installed on the hot stamping machine to make printing and hot stamping foil to press each other in a short time. Then the metal foil or pigment foil copies and prints the image and text on the hot stamping template to the surface of the hot stamping paper.

Hot stamping is available in a variety of colors, such as gold, rose gold, bronze, and even other colors such as blue, green, black, and purple.

Hot stamping has high gloss, strong stereoscopic and metallic sense. In particular, the 3D hot stamping technology that is widely used at present makes the appearance of video brochure exquisite, magnificent and personalized.

Gold Foil Stamping Process. As you may have learned from the brief history of foil stamping, the process involves heat, pressure, and the gold material — a metallic paper today. Whether you’re designing business cards, a wedding invitation, or company letterhead, gold foil stamping gives the finished product a sleek, sophisticated look.

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