Best 350GSM Video Brochure Coated Art Paper Cards

The paper cards for making video brochures can be roughly divided into three categories: coated paper, matt coated paper and specialty paper.

Coated paper is also known as printing coated paper. On the surface of the original paper, there is coated with a layer of white paint, after super calendering processing, the coated paper is produced. It can be divided into two types including one side and two side ones. The paper surface includes smooth one and fabric one. The paper surface is smooth, has high whiteness and is excellent in ink absorption. It is mainly used for offset printing and gravure fine mesh printing.

Compared with coated paper, the matt coated paper is not too reflective in daylight. The printed design pattern used by the matt coated pater is less colorful than the coated paper, but its pattern is more delicate and advanced than the coated paper.

Specialty paper is a kind of paper with special function. It comes from different fibers that are processed by the paper machine. For example, making use of raw materials alone such as synthetic fiber, synthetic pulp or mixed wood pulp for modification or processing with different materials to endow paper with different functions and purposes.

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