How to Upload Your Video on Video Brochure?

You can replace the video content by yourself, jut make it as the following instructions. If you need to change the video format, dont hesitate to send your video to our team to transform.


  1. Plug brochure into computer using USB Cable. (it should function similar to a thumb drive or other external memory)
  2. Locate new disk on computer (it usually will auto launch depending on your computer setup)
  3. Drag desired video file into the disk.
  4. Confirm video file name starts with a number “01”, “02”, “03” etc corresponding with the order in which it should play.
  5. Delete any unwanted video files
  6. Unplug from computer
  7. Open brochure to test video function


  1. Video files must be .mp4 .AVI or .mov and be formatted for the aspect ratio(1920*1080 or less, must be horizontal) corresponding with the screen size in the brochure.
  2. Don’t play the video when the video brochure is connecting with computer.
  3. Don’t format the video brochure by self if any problem. pls contact us to get the professional instruction.

Any questions pls feel free to contact our team via, or click here to get a rush help.

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