Contactless Facial Recognition Terminal with Infrared Thermometer

Face recognition temperature measurement terminal device for each size, from the thermometer module to the 8 inch IPS Screen, top industrial grade design with utra Narrow slim bezels. It will be good for desk top, wall mount and the floor standing flexible installation methods.

This 8 inch AI infrared thermometer with face recognition is applicable to office areas, hotels, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, shops, communities, public services and management projects that need to use face access control places.

Product Features

  • 8-inch IPS full view LCD display.
  • Industrial appearance, waterproof and dustproof design,Stable and reliable.
  • Support 3W face database. Extremely high face recognition rate, The speed of face recognition is less than 1 second.
  • Supporting the accurate face recognition and comparison when people wear masks.
  • The industrial class wide dynamic binocular camera, infrared and led dual compensation at night are adopted.
  • Strong performance.Four core rk3288 processor, six core rk3399 processor and eight core Qualcomm msm8953 processor are available for option.
  • Supporting human body temperature detection, temperature display, 1-meter ultra far temperature detection, 0.2 ºC error, and automatic temperature alarm, second level detection speed, real-time export of attendance temperature measurement data.
  • Supporting the expansion of various peripheral devices such as ID card reader, fingerprint instrument, IC card reader, QR code reader, etc.
  • Supporting system level, APP offline level, APP + background network level multiple API docking and Secondary Development.

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