Impressive Design Video Packing Box for Business Gifts

In today’s society, people tend to think that the packaging level represents the product quality. The fact is true. If you have an excellent product, but cannot be known by the majority of consumers, this must be distressing. Therefore, it is time to think deeply on the packaging. Video box allows you to adjust the internal space according to the size of your product. Besides, you can place more things in it, such as CDS, instructions, gifts and so on. These items can remain fresh and tidy all the time because they are held in place by custom-shaped EVA foam.

Like the video brochure, the video box offers unlimited imagination space to you. Screen size, battery capacity, box appearance and internal space can be customized according to the requirements. It also supports light control switch, human body sensor switch, magnet switch and button switch.

Video Pack Box

The LCD video pack box is 254x178x30mm in size. With a 10-inch screen on the cover, it can be started as soon as you open it. The bottom is filled with EVA to hold what you place in. This cutting-edge packaging technology will arouse more attention of your targeted customers.


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