Rechargeable LCD Business Card with Video Slider

In order to make a deep impression, the video business card opens by sliding and pours out your information in short video clips, which is the most worthwhile thing for you to attempt.

With an innovative 2.4-inch LCD screen mounted in a cardboard box and a built-in speaker that plays sound, combining sight and sound, your business will flow efficiently through this small tool. Funsuper’s video business card is reusable after charging and has larger screens with a size of 2.8-inch and 4.3-inch to choose from.

You’ll get more attention from potential clients, which brings you super-valued return. Another outstanding feature of the card is its portability. Before you meet a client, you can simply put it in your pocket and start a unique business meeting.

Video Name Card

To open it by push and pull is the most popular type of video name card at present. With the principle of sliding module, you need to open it in a unique way that is the most interesting of all. The 300mAH rechargeable battery is reusable for the user.

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