Semifinished LCD Video Module Ready to Assemble

Semifinished Video Module without Cover

You could view videos directly without opening the cover. This video playback module is suitable for installation in a holder, shelf or equipment. Custom external shapes.

LCD video modules is often installed on shelves, stands, folders, etc.

It is definitely a great idea if you want to place this video module in a folder. We just need to make two holes on the left side so that you can staple this video module into the folder.

Definitely, we can make an acrylic bracket for you. You just need to insert the module without clamshell into the slot. You can use it in the foreground demonstration, or put it on the desktop to display a specific video.

2.4”-10” Playback Modules Video Module

The multi-purpose LCD modules allows you to choose 2.4 inch, 4.3 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch and 10 inch IPS/HD screens. With high-quality printing technology and HD video playback, you can apply it to any unusual scenario.

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