Full Color Print Brochure with Video Screen Inside

The solution to delivering your brand’s message to prospective is here. Print + Video is an innovative print product with an LCD screen embedded into it. Upon opening the customizable brochure, book, or folder, a pre-programmed video automatically plays and delivers your inviting message to clients. This new marketing medium is available in various sizes and is easy to update. Print + Video combines print and video to create a handheld digital experience that your potential client will never forget.

Each piece includes a rechargeable battery, speaker and USB port
Price range: $22 ea. to $85 ea. (shipping not included)
Price varies by format and quantity
Minimum order quantity is 20 pieces
Delivery to the customer is 2 – 3 weeks (following approved art and video content)

Customization Options

Print + Video products combine the best of digital marketing with the backbone of print marketing by using sound, interactive buttons, play on-demand capability, a rechargeable battery, and almost limitless customization options. Select from various size options or request a custom size to fit your needs. These products come as books, brochures, business cards, presentation boxes, and whatever else you can imagine.


We have a complete design and engineering team to help you with your special project. Contact us for more information. Samples can be provided as per your demand.
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