Find a Video Brochure Factory from China

A reliable video brochure manufacturer with rich experience will support your order a lot, they know every details about the video brochure including the electronic components, printing and other technical thing. Once your find the quality problem of video brochure, just contact them, they can reply you at the first time and let you know how to figure it out. They manufacturer have excellent equipment for production including printing, performance testing and aging. Which is the essential factory that can provide the premium quality video brochure.

Especially you need to find a video brochure factory from China, Most of video brochures all over the world are manufactured in China. In fact, according to statistics, manufacturing in China can help reduce costs by 30% to 80%, depending on labor intensity of production, much lower than developed country like USA, Canada, Dubai and Australia. As we know that China is a developing country, the low labor cost, low material cost and broad market, Access to affordable raw materials helps bring down manufacturing costs to a considerable extent, make sure the reasonable price. If you get from trading company, of course they will get profit(about 20~30%) from such business, The video brochure cost is more than twice as expensive to get from China video brochure factory as that.

At this moment, over 200 experienced workers are work for Funsuper now, 10 production lines to make your order, 2 of them are only work for the urgent order. Over 10K/pcs we can produce per day.Your order can be done perfectly here without any worries. Funsuper is invested by Fun Technology Ltd, a company producing video and audio marketing electronic products trusted by many top brands. You are welcome to visit the factory in Shenzhen.

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