Top 5 Chinese LCD Video Cards for Japan Business Marketing

Chinese LCD Video Cards have become very popular for Japan business marketing nowadays. Here we selected top five best selling LCD video brochure cards from Chinese online supplier to help you showcase your products, services or events.  
There are many screen sizes for video cards, but only a few is well accepted by companies.  For 1.8’’ or 10’’, they will be too small or too big in a paper card. Based on the export data from Fun Technology Ltd, the following models are selling like a hot cake.
2.4 inch video business card VBC24M. Portable size, easy to hold in your pocket.
2.4 inch video business card VBC24P. Creative pull-out style, keep your business card inside the sleeve. Impress end-users or VIPs.
4.3 inch video card FVB43L. Medium screen size to show off your videos. A5 landscape, optional 1-10 control buttons, 128MB-8GB memory, full color print, etc.
7 inch video card FVB7L. A larger screen to play HD videos for top brands. Optional hardcover, 2GB memory, 5 buttons, popular with high-tech companies.
7 inch video card FVB7T. No need buttons for touch screen! Playing videos much easier by clicking on the panel. Full HD 1080P screen resolutions. Many options are available.
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