CMYK Video Plus Print Offset Printing Machine

If you’re designing video brochure for printing, CMYK should be your choice. Because it’s more accurate when it comes to recreating color in physical environment. Opt for CMYK if you are designing video business cards, video mailers, video brochures, video product packaging, video flyers, and other video advertising material.

CMYK is a four-color printing mode, which is a color matching mode used in color printing. By using the principle of three-primary color and adding black ink, a total of four colors are mixed and overlaid to form the so-called “full-color printing”. CMYK colors include CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW and BLACK.

1.CMYK is a color pattern that relies on reflection. The content is reflected into our eyes by sunlight or light before we can see it. It needs an external light source.

2. CMYK model is related with printing media. It is based on light absorption or reflection characteristics of the ink. The color our eye can see is actually the color when objects absorbs the light of a specific frequency in the white light and reflects the rest of the light.

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