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PDF Templates can be used for the needs of many different industries. Download our PDF templates and start designing your video brochure according to your needs, sending your design directly through email or WeTransfer and making payment online using PayPal or by bank wire.

Note: Please be sure to flatten all artwork and to hide or remove all die-cut and bleed lines before submitting to Funsuper.

Portait Video Brochure

Choose the Right Template

  • 2.4” VBC24M
  • 2.4” VBC24P
  • 2.4” FVB241
  • 2.8” FVB28L
  • 4.3” FVB43L
  • 4.3” FVB43T
  • 5.0” FVB5L
  • 7.0” FVB7L
  • 10.1” FVB101

Now, you don’t have to be a designer – or hire one – to create professional-looking video brochures for all your company’s needs. Our designers will create quality custom video brochures you’ll love, guaranteed.


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