How to Order Video Brochure Online?

Many buyers don’t know how to order video brochure online. Actually, it’s a common question. There are thousand kinds of video brochure company in internet, choosing one appropriate for your business will be much easier once you know exactly what kind of video brochure you want to buy and which type of supplier you need to buy from. Following is something you should consider about.

Before you find a video brochure supplier, you should know what kinds of video brochure you exact want? You can get support from us, click here to get rush help. Also you can check the FAQ to learn more about the video brochure.

Screen size: 2.4/4.3/5.0/7.0/10.0inch available

Brochure size: A4/A5/A6 or custom size

Memory: 128mb/256mb/512mb/1gb/2gb/4gb/8gb/16gb

Buttons: Play/Pause, Previous/Next, Forward/Backward/, Volume Up/Volume Down, Video 1/Video 2 …..

By the way pls make sure

Did you finish the video content?
Did you finish the video brochure design? If not, click here to ask our team to give you one video brochure template for designing.

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