How to Design a Video Packing Display Box?

Video packing box is a perfect combination of advertising video and color box, vividly conveying the value of the product. The video box not only improves the packaging level, but also endows the product with more added value, which also brings special surprise and experience to customers.

After we provide the die cutting diagram, the customer also needs to follow the above 6 requirements when making his own design, so that the printed video box will be accurate and beautiful.

The difference between video pack and hard cover as well as soft cover is that under the condition of same quantity and size, the unit printing cost of video pack is higher than that of hardcover and soft cover. Meanwhile, the volume of video pack is larger and the transportation cost is higher. The screen size and the outer pack size of the same video pack can be customized. Generally they are customized according to the products size for exhibition and customer’s budget. In order to enable customers to customize more beautiful, elegant and scientific video pack, as well as reduce unnecessary trial error and waste, we usually adopt mature cutter size we have done according to the requirements of the customer.

The video pack not only interprets the function and value of traditional video greeting cards perfectly, but also deeply enhances the added value of customer products. It is an extension and sublimation of video greeting cards.

The customer received customized video pack from the client will see the videos or images uploaded by the client in advance. When the customer opens the video pack, the videos or images will play immediately. This is amazing and full of high-tech sense. The customized company logo is printed on the videopack, the videos and images are displayed on the LCD screen, which introduce all parameters, performance, details and application scenarios of the product to the target audience. This makes the target customers glad to take the videopack away soon. Besides, the product to be promoted and the relevant user manual are both placed in the video box by the client, so that the customer can test the product on site and understand the product deeply. As a result, more orders and transactions are promoted, this is why more and more customers are inclined to the video pack.

As shown in the following image: This is a design for shoe polish products. The outside box dimension is 230 x 230 x 92mm. It is proper to adopt a 7-inch screen, which makes the product more impressive. However, due to the limited budget of the customer, we chose a 5-inch screen and five function buttons at last. From left to right, the five buttons are Pause/Play, Previous, Next, Volume+ and Volume-. Since the customer has uploaded several short promotional videos in the product and there are instructions and precautions printed below the buttons. After usage, the customer give positive feedback to us and make additional orders.

When designing, the customer chose black matt as the overall background color. The big company logo is printed on the top of the box and the thickest UV is required to be used. After printing, you will feel it textured when you touch it with hands. It brings not only a shocking visual impact, but also a profound feeling to you.

The inner space of the video box is large. The clients choose EVA foam cut into a specific shape to leave a space for placing their products in. The products placed in each video box are displayed to the target customer. The 1000 video boxes and 1000 sets of new products have gained a huge success, which allows our customer Crep to win a steady stream of orders. The other customers learned about the idea on our website also followed suit and received a great response.

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