Wholesale LCD Writing Tablets From China Manufacturer

Wholesale LCD Writing Tablets From China Manufacturer

Funsuper is dedicated in LCD Electronic Writing Tablet in China. We carry a series of LCD writing boards in different colors and different sizes to meet your needs under different circumstances: 4.5 inch,8.5 inch,9.7 inch,10 inch,12 inch and 13 inch. LCD Writing Tablet are rewritable and paperless, they can be used for kids,school students & teachers, office workers, and also for various meetings. LCD Writing Tablets are internationally certified such as CE, RoHS, FCC and powered by coin battery, you can use them safely. We would like to share with you the great products and try to help save paper, save trees, and save the world. If interested do not hesitate to drop us an email or give us a phone call.

LCD Writing Tablet uses high technology flexible liquid crystal technology,depends on the pressure sensing to display text, pictures and graphics. It can be erasd over 500000 times. You don’t need to use an eraser, just press the button, the screen will be clean again.

Main Features:

LCD WRITING TABLET at various sizes and colors, makes good life company for kids,students,workers etc at home,school and work place.
1. Paperless,Eco-friendly.
2. Write,Paint,Chart and Count.
3. No need to charge or connect to power.
4. Durable,light LCD writing screen,and good paper writing feeling.
5. The image/words stays as long as you need; One Button to clear all.
6. Colorful handwriting, magnet on some items make good message notes on fridge etc.
7. Sizes: 4.5″,8.5 inch,9″,9.7″,10″,12″,13 Inch etc.
8. Colors: Red,blue,Green,White,Pink,Black etc.

We are direct factory suppliers for LCD writing tablet boogie board. 8.5” 12” 4.5” 15” inch With CE, ROHS, FCC. Sample fee, Contact us to get competitive wholesale price. If you are interested in ordering a large volume or bulk order please email to sales@funsuper.com so we can give you special offers and discounts. Or if you would like please call us at +86-183-0755-2838.

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