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2.4-10.1” LCD screens inside traditional printed brochures

Unlike other forms of video marketing, FunSuper Video Brochures operate independently of wires, internet access, software downloads and installation procedures, all of which can ruin the experience of the recipient. With video brochures, all the recipient has to do to begin their very own full multi-media presentation is open the magnetised book cover of the device. Our job is to make the design and production process of your video brochure as simple and as seamless as possible. We have a...

High Impact Video Brochures Showcase Your Brand

When you hand someone one of our Video Brochures – it has an immediate impact. People are instantly drawn to your video content – users/clients are presented with a multi-sensory experience, which is instantly engaging, and far more impressive than a standard brochure. People will leave with a positive impression of your brand.

Custom Video Card or Video Brochure

The Video card or Video Brochure is printed packaging with a micro-thin LCD screen, speakers and rechargeable batteries along with a USB connection that allows for change of video and recharging of the unit. Video Brochures are superb for presentations, invites, PR, direct marketing, advertising and promotions. The Video Brochure creates a memorable impression of your promotion. Fully portable, the device starts from an ultra slim 6mm and a low 100grams in weight.