Innovative Advertising Ideas

Making the tabletop advertising impressive.

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All-in-one table top advertising

Perfect device for restaurants

Funsuper® WiFi Table Adertising Players Cell Phone Charging Stations are frequently used in retail stores, restaurants, banks, hotels, bars, clubs, salon and exhibition booth and transit terminals. The ultimate all-in-one table top advertising device combined with phone charging station.

How it works

Key features

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Creative video playing on both sides

Creative tabletop advertising LCD video player is an excellent interactive commercial display, playing your ads on both sides at the same time.

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Easy to use

Pre-install App

Our Tabletop Advertising Player is built-in a powerful WeAds App that can play your media files directly from the cloud.

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Extra Function

As a smart cell phone charging station

The device comes with a big capacity 20800mAh and 40200mAh smart charging station with detachable iPhone/ Micro USB / Type C Phone Cables for Smartphones, Tablets & Other Gadgets.

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Frequently used in every field

Tabletop advertising works! Professional, full-color display ads actually inlaid in the tops of busy restaurant tables! Here is a list of some popular fields:

  • exhibitions
  • bars
  • coffee shops
  • museums
  • banks
  • hotels
  • retail industry
  • restaurants
  • sales
  • libraries
Application fields


The right choice for busy tables

Food and restaurant ads can be remarkably effective – but there are a few ways to make your campaigns extra spicy. Funsuper Tabletop Advertising Players are awesome restaurant marketing ideas. Small order accepted. Custom branding available!

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If you want to attract, engage and keep customers today, change the way you advertise and promote your business to embrace tabletop advertising player from Funsuper.

The competition among restaurants is fierce, and you’ll need effective restaurant marketing ideas to be successful.Here we’ve found Funsuper tabletop advertising player.

Marketing your coffee shop in a way which makes people pay attention isn’t always easy, but promoting your business just that little bit differently may be all you need to get those customers flowing through the door.

Advertising in alcohol is a bit different from advertising in other product categories. For table top advertising player, much of advertising in alcohol aimed at increasing the overall number of drinkers.

Your search for a winning expert.

Funsuper provides innovative business advertising solutions for the restaurants, offices, stadiums, hotels, theatres and many more. We are looking for distributors. Let’s work together!