Quality Control

QC inspection checklist


Paper card

Check the printed paper cards to match the printing needs.

different EVA foams

EVA Foam

Insert the EVA foam to solid the inner structure.



Test the screen quality to assure perfect display effect.



Test the PCBA including speakers, buttons, USB port, etc.

double faced adhesive tape-2

2 sided tape

Use high quality double-sided tape to firmly stick paper cards.

Aging Test

Aging test

Fully charge the battery to test video module performance. 

our expertise

Fast delivery

Order video brochure online with the same day delivery, we have 100% customer satisfaction due to delivery times.

item inspection

We take great pride in our quality control program and work meticulously to guarantee the safety of our products.

Printing service

Print custom video presentations in either full color or black & white, depending on the exact needs of your business.

Product certifications