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20s 20sec Recordable Talking Music Sound Chip Module Components with Push Buttons

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20s 20secs Voice Chips and Self Recordable Sound Modules Ideal for custom audio promotional products such as musical greeting cards, musical invitations, talking brochures, and media kits.

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We are Greeting Cards Sound Module manufacturer, Recordable Sound Module supplier & factory, offer Recordable Musical Module for customers. These can be used in greeting cards with sound, direct mail, mailers, corporate promotions, business promotions, wedding invitations, baby announcements, bar mitzvah invitations and more.


1.Name:recording module
3.Recording Time:20s
5.Operating Voltage:3-4.5V
6.Trigger Mode: key play (can set long push cycle play)

Pin Definition:

1.RE:trigger play(push once recod,push again end )
2.RL:long push record,loosen end the record
3.PL:long push play,loosen end
4.PE:trigger play one time

Suitable for electronic toys ( like talking plastic toys, talking plush animal toys ), gift toys

How to use:

Press and hold the record button, recording starts after a “beep” sound. You will hear “beep, beep” sound after the 10 seconds’ recording.

And it will play what you have just recorded. Press the play button to play your records after all recording finished.

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