Imagine a Video Point of Sale (POS) unit that is low-cost, uniquely portable, interactive, wireless and free of a mains connection. Funsuper’s® Video Point of Sale displays are designed to enhance your customers’ in-store experience and get your brand noticed. Options include simple shelf talkers, counter top digital displays and full length standees. Get your product advertisement noticed with these window and in-store displays.

We have bought video POS display from Funsuper one of the leading video brochure manufacturers. Video POS display is the ultimate way to get our message across to our customer exactly as we want them to experience it.

Video POS displays grab your customer’s attention with video integrated into your print brochure or marketing collateral. We supply a range of soft cover and hard cover video POS displays with screen sizes ranging from 2.4-10.1 inches housed in a variety of different sized card stock.

  • Project Type: Video Sales Display
  • Branded Solutions: All-in-One Promotions
  • Customer: Selfie Inc
  • Project Year: 2016