Easy to Customize

Precision die-cut decals printable from almost any printer, and online templates for easy download, makes customizing your video brochure a breeze.

Multi-button Control

Our brochures allow elegant controls of one or more videos, volume, and chapter advances with simple- to-understand sophistication.

Class A Components

An eight year search allows us to source materials from the world’s best manufacturers, using new, Class A parts. Beware of pitfalls of second hand, inferior knockoffs.

Creative Artwork Design

Your creative and videos are what makes your video brochure compelling. Our growing number of color schemes are designed to complement, not distract.

Best Prices for Small Order

We publish our prices, because nobody offers a more affordable solution in such small quantities. We’re the volume leader, by passing on bulk savings to you.

Super Fast Shipping

We take your time seriously. When inspiration strikes, you can quickly click, create, and customize while receiving tracking updates from FedEx for your order

  • Project Type: 4.3'' Video Brochure Design
  • Memory Capacities: 256Mb Default
  • Customer: SERYAS INC
  • Project Year: 2017