Operating Instructions for LCD Video Business Brochures

Operating Instructions for LCD Video Business Brochures

How to use LCD video brochures is the common question many customers asked like uploading video, recharging battery, data copy, etc. Here we concluded some basic tips/operating instructions for them. No matter you are new to this product or have used it, just keep them in mind so to enjoy using it!

Below are the useful tips for you:

1. When you open the video brochure, it will automatically play the video loop play back.

Once it’s closed, it will stop playing video.

2. Charge: First, USB ties is inserted to computer and then insert to the card USB interface,

which the battery could be charged. During the charging process, the card is closed.

The charging time is 3~4 hours.
3. When using the card, it cannot be blended, patted and dropped.
4. You must switch off the video firstly and then connect with the computer.
5. When loading the videos, the video files could be stored to the VIDEO Folder of the removable Disk.

We also could copy the data of the LCD video brochure to the computer or USB drive.

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