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LCD Video Brochure Marketing – Making Your Company Shine

LCD Video Brochure marketing can be an intimidating assignment for many business owners and hard-working entrepreneurs, but it doesn’t have to be such an uphill battle. By taking a clear-cut approach and using tried and true brochure design methods, convincing layouts and messaging, your brochure will be in the spotlight of your customers in no time. Brochure marketing is really about targeting the right people with the precise message, at the most opportune time.

Brochure Sizes: Pick the Right Size for your Brochure Project
One of the first steps in your video brochure marketing project is to select what size of brochure you will use for your brochure marketing project. Critical features to think about are the amount of content you want to display in your brochure and how you plan to deliver that information. The most common brochure sizes and uses are: •8.5 x 11 brochures – ideal for flyers, bulletins and standard mailing brochures
•8.5 x 14 brochures – well-suited for 4-panel brochure designs or wider tri-folds
•11 x 17 brochures – a very versatile size – offers full-size panels with a half fold option, can use many other brochure folding options, and it is perfect to use as a large mailer
•11 x 25.5 brochure – make the most of your brochure communication with 3 full-size, 8.5 x 11 panels with tri-fold or use as a fold-out product catalog or brochure using on open gate fold
While these are some of the most popular brochure sizes, don’t be limited by them. Distinctive shapes and sizes can make for a more noticeable brochure, and you are limited by only your creativity, needs, time and budget. For other ideas on how to make your brochure stand out, see our tips for designing brochures. Get brochure design and fold templates for the standard size brochures.

Video Brochures: Your Choice for Success
While business cards are everywhere, and are a key piece of your communication and marketing plan, nothing hits the mark quite like a well-designed, nicely printed brochure. Brochures do their best work when more information is required, such as with a spec sheet or new product launch.
Most people prefer to have something to look at and refer back to, and a brochure hits the mark perfectly. And even though the internet provides nearly limitless amounts of information, customers expect that established companies will have professional-looking printed sales and product materials such as brochures. Don’t leave your customers lacking – offer a brochure along with that business card to an interested prospect.

Point of View – What Does Your Customer Want?
Asking yourself “what does my customer want” is a great way to think about the main focus of your brochure. Even though you have control over the content, the look and style of the brochure, don’t forget that ultimately, the brochure is for your customers, not you. Distribute the amount of direct company information or history you promote with helpful insight, product spotlights and services throughout the brochure. Think of questions you may have received from customers or clients, and use this information to guide your brochure’s content and organization.

What’s Your Video Brochure’s Cover Story?
Wherever you go, brochures are used as a common marketing tool. Looking over a wall of brochures at a tradeshow or on a stand at a hotel lobby it is easy to gloss over the less eye-catching pieces, or ignore them entirely. Many times, this is due to the front cover of the brochure lacking the right amount of “wow” to catch your attention.
Your video brochure cover should both create interest and highlight why someone should grab it, open it and read it. Be sure to present your brochure’s benefits and features of new products and services in an obvious fashion on the brochure cover. For example, if you are presenting a limited time offer, the brochure cover is a good place to display it.
Another good video brochure cover option is a grand opening of a new or remodeled store. You want to tell everyone about it, with clear directions right to the front door. Don’t hide it, and don’t assume everyone will take the time to review the brochure past the cover. There will be an opportunity to provide more details about your products and company within the body of the brochure. Now is the time to grab their interest and get them to continue reading.

Speak to Your Reader
“I am speaking to you right now, Mr. or Mrs. Marketing video Brochure creator, the reader of this article. The objective I have as the writer is to provide you with good information, a brochure marketing plan, and ideas to make your brochure marketing project a success.” The direction and tone of that sentence was intentional. It was more direct, more personal, and it was intended for YOU, the reader. Don’t forget this kind of communication when creating content your brochure. When a potential customer opens up your brochure, you want it to speak directly to THEM. Pinpoint the reader, not the whole crowd. This will help you boost response rates and levels of interest that may end up in phone calls, store visits or website hits. Don’t forget: BE PERSONAL with your brochure. When you read “our company can help people be efficient” seems weak compared to “at XYZ Company, we strive to make sure that we personally work with you to help your company succeed on every level.” Talk to them like they are right in front of you when they are reading your brochure.

Don’t Forget to Sell
Ultimately, your video brochure is a sales tool. Don’t forget to promote your product and services thoroughly in your brochure. This can look like listing a specific course of action, laying out an offer, the benefits and how the customer can act on it. While non-sales information is important to have in your brochure, such as company history or facts, the main goal of the brochure is to drive behavior that will get you one step closer to a sale.

What is Your Call to Action?
Creating a rocking good video brochure is a lot of work. Don’t let all that hard work creating compelling design, engaging copy, and targeting the right audience go to waste. That good-looking brochure will be wasted if you don’t inform your potential customer what to do after reading your brochure. What your brochure needs is a distinct call to action. This is essential to getting a good response. Whether you are directing your brochure reader to your website, asking them to call you on the phone, asking them to redeem an offer, or driving them to your store, spell it out plainly and directly.

A well-designed video brochure, printed professionally and marketed is a leading tool in your video brochure marketing toolbox. Think of your video brochure as another way to reach your customers, giving them valuable information and how to act on it. You want your customers to run, not walk, to take advantage of your offers.

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