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Videos can be embedded into anything from books to brochures to boxes…anything you can think of to instantly capture attention with their auto-play feature. Imagine someone opening your Funsuper to see and hear customized messaging talking directly to them, then giving them multiple chapters/videos to hear more about your product, service, or offering. Screens ranging from 3”-10” and allowing for volume control with a simple click. Every Funsuper unit is fully customizable, inside and out, to match your messaging and branding using your own design or by taking advantage of our design services. Don’t settle for cheap imitations, request your free catalog today and see for yourself why Funsuper units are paraded around offices and neighborhoods 100% of the time, and spread your message in a way your recipients likely have never experienced before.

Our Main Products:

Funsuper Video Books, Video Brochures, and Video Mailers give you the power of print, video & audio united. In a nutshell, we embed lucid LCD screens into: hardbound books, elegant brochures, catalogs or menus, and even direct mail pieces. They feature 20+ minutes of video storage with clear audio, all surrounded by your company’s branding and messaging. Contact us today for the best quote!

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