How to Design a Professional LCD Video Brochure?

The video brochure is a customized product where customers could print their design content. We provide relevant template according to the requirements of customers. Then customers make satisfying design based on their own creativity and conception. At last, the files will be sent to us in format of vector files such as ai or cdr (For easy reading, you could save them as PDF files.)

We understand that you are not a graphic designer, so it is more appropriate for your designer to read through the following (of course this is not necessary). If you have PSD, AI and other skills, please be patient and study the following precautions with case introduction.

To ensure an accurate printing, please note:

1.Put cutter on separate layer.
2.Convert all pantones to CMYK (unless we are notified of extra colors) in printing.
3.Outline-Please remember to convert all fonts to vector forms.
4.All images muse have high definition, with a resolution above 300dpi.
5.If special processes such as UV, hot stamping and embossing are being used, put them on separate layer.
6.Let us know if gloss or matt laminate is required.
When adding buttons to the artwork, the center of each button need to be at least 15mm from the edge of the screen, the video brochure, or another button.
The screen outline can be moved within the boundary of the card, but must be at least 15mm clear from the edge of the card, the buttons and the USB port.
If the above six points are considered, there will be basically alright in the design. We arrange the printing according to the qualified design documents made by the customer and presents a delicate effect after accurate printing.

Customers can not only customize their own design and screen size, but also choose which button functions they intend to retain.
Our regular button functions are Forward, Back, Previous, Next, Pause, Play, Volume Up, and Volume Down–you can also select one or more video buttons to control one or more videos respectively.

As show in the following image:

The customer chooses a 300gsm A5 paper with the size of 210x148x8mm. The screen is a 7-inch HD one. From left to right, the button functions are Pause/Play, Volume Up, Volume Down, French button, Dutch button and English button.
This design from the customer is CMYK printing with UV technique:

Hardcover (1200G Grey board)

The following image shows the hard cover version. The cover size and the screen size of the hard cover can be customized just like the soft cover. The design should also follow the above 6 requirements. The difference between hard cover and soft cover is that under the condition of same quantity and size, the unit printing cost of hard cover is more expensive than that of the soft cover, but the hard cover is thicker, stronger and more textured. Therefore, a single hardcover is a little heavier and the freight will be a little more.

The size of this hardcover is 214x178x9.5mm. When it opens, the size will be 428x178x9.5mm. The client is engaged in environmental protection industry. He advocates people to protect the environment and purify the air, thus we could live in a green and healthy earth comfortably and happily. The client chooses our idea/video folder book to explain and publicize his concept of environmental protection. In order to give the audience a visual shock of clean environmental protection, the client selects the background of blue seawater, clean furniture and two children who is playing happily.

To deepen the impact, the client chooses a larger 7-inch screen with the size of 153x86mm and selects three video buttons including Pause/Play, Volume Up and Volume Down. The customer of the video folder book can browse the video content uploaded by the client at will through these buttons. If there is something wonderful or confusing, you can press Play/Pause button to stop it, and then press the button again to continue playing when you understand it.

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