High Quality Video Plus Print Brochure Online

High Quality Video Plus Print Brochure Online

Funsuper Video Plus Brochure will allow you to communicate your car’s specifications, test-drive videos, customer testimonials, offers, and specification details. This will helps you bring the customer back to your showroom, opening doors to closing the sale.

Product Applications

1. Video brochures are very popular to be used for business promoting in almost all industries including pharmaceutical, Medicine, Real Estate, Finance, Machine, Education, Vehicles and other markets etc. Its also pretty good at many occasions like wedding invitation, birthday invitation, holiday invitation, and business invitation.

2. Compared with traditional greeting cards, our video brochures are more functional,which can be used to play the videos, music and pictures that you need.

3. The hottest feature of our video brochure is that you can easily have your own custom design in any shapes and sizes and prints. Plus your own video advertise, our video brochure can certainly boom your businesses no matter what industry you work in.

Product Description

1. We make various of switches for the video greeting cards
Hall switch: auto play the videos once you open the brochure and auto shut down videos when you close it.

Magnetic switch: when you open the brochure, It can play the video automatically; When you close it, it stopped working

On/off button switch: you can add on/off button, when you press it , it starts to work; when you press it again, It stops working

Motion sensor switch: It starts to work when you are in front of the motion sensor, It stops working when you go away

Light sensor switch: It starts to work when the light sensor receive the lights, It stopped working when you close it.

2. Video greeting cards can be added many function buttons: play/pause, previous, next, volume up, volume down, silence, restart, video button(play the video you need), picture button, Music button etc…

3. You can upload the video, music and picture files at any time you need. You can use the video greeting cards as the U-Disk. When you connect our video brochure with the computer or adapter, It can be recharged.

4. When you recharge video greeting cards ,please close the product firstly. It is easy to be affected with damp.keep it away from water.

5. The touchscreen is supported for the 4.3 inch ,5 inch ,7 inch and 10 inch video brochures.

6. Our normal product size is A4 size, A5 size, the customized size is welcome. You can make it with the size you need.

7. You can choose the screen sizes, battery sizes and memory sizes as per your demands. Our video book has a big price range. It is suitable for all clients.

8. Custom design for print, such as embossed, hot stamping in gold or in sliver etc.

9. System supported : WIN7, WIN8, XP, Mac,etc.

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