Full HD Video Inside Tri Fold Brochure for Events

This is the most luxurious design for the video in brochure at present. The two covers hard cover is like a precious souvenir album, which makes people hardly tear themselves away from it. The printing content is displayed on six sides, which attracts and overwhelms the eyes of the users.

With a large size of 260x258mm and a 10-inch screen with a size of 222x125mm, the 2 folded hard cover will change your impression on the video brochure. The expanded size is 762mm long, which is undoubtedly a huge size. The 11 buttons are 7 video/picture playing buttons, V+, V-, Previous and Next. This is definitely a comprehensive new media with rich contents.

The service principle of Funsuper is that never limit the imagination and innovation ability of customers. On this website you will find many features or structures that you have not seen before. As a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer, we not only promotion our products, but also popularize more knowledge about video and print to people.

Tri Fold Video Brochure

This is the 2 covers expressed in another special way. We can make it soft or hard type according to your requirements. Folding the conventional video brochure again, we will find it more interesting and refreshing. This is a creative marketing media rich in content.If you have more content to print, we can add an additional layout, and video brochures will change to Tri Fold style.


We have a complete design and engineering team to help you with your special project. Contact us for more information. Samples can be provided as per your demand.
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