Custom Print Video Brochure Effectively Presenting Your Company!

Custom Print Video Brochure Effectively Presenting Your Company!

FunSuper video brochure is a new and unique way of presenting your company! A video brochure combines print with video and sound! Open the brochure and your video automatically starts to play. A perfect tool for invitations, launching a new product, luxury give-away, or to thank your relations.

Screen sizes
The brochures are available in various brochure sizes. A4, Big A5, A5, landscape or portrait… Or in any specific size that you want. Their are 5 different screen sizes: 2.4’’, 2.8’’, 4,3’’, 5” and 7 inch. All LCD displays boast high resolution and have a unique charm. The brochure is equipped with a rechargable li-ion battery which lasts for approximately 1,5 hours. You can easily recharge the battery by using the included USB cable. By connecting the cable to your computer you can change the video. This helps to keep the brochure up-to-date and serves as an effective marketing tool. It’s also possible to secure your video.

Brochure with Control Buttons
Play multiple video’s by adding buttons to your device. You can make the video brochures more user-friendly by adding a pause- or volumebuttons, as our video brochures come with a built-in speaker system. Up to five buttons is included in the price.

Memory Capacity
Each brochure comes with 128Mb-16Gb memory. The video brochure can hold up to15 minutes of crystal clear video on the memory card. FunSuper is able to expand the memory for you up to 8gb if necessary. The brochure can be delivered with a non glossy or shiny finish and can even be produced with multiple pages.

Video Module
FunSuper is an expert in video brochure production and is able to supply video module parts.

Feel free to contact us for an up-to-date quotation. We offer the best quality with the best price!

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