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Custom Design Video Printed Brochure Design Tips

Video in Printed Brochures from FunSuper are a terrific marketing tool; they are a great way to super-charge your business and reach new customers. Video Brochures can also deliver vital information on products you create, services you offer, or key information about your company. They also offer the customer something to refer back to-your information-packed brochure!

When printing a brochure, bear in mind that there are several different ways to design the piece in order to make it stand out. A brochure is a flexible product that can be used for any number of purposes; they can be used for menus, product sheets, newsletters, bulletins, or countless other options.

Before beginning the design process, ask yourself: what is the purpose of the piece? How do you want to reach the audience? What will the brochure do for the customer when he/she picks it up? Will it be handed out, available at a retail store, or mailed? Asking yourself these questions will help you narrow down the design features you would like to showcase in your brochure printing project.

Think from the customer’s perspective when you design and lay out your brochure. The content and images in the piece need to match the purpose; if you have a new product to introduce, photos of the product and bullet points listing features and benefits may be a great place to start. Several other key points to keep in mind are: •Be sure to prominently list the name of your company and easy ways to contact you: phone numbers, email address, and physical address.

•If you need the customer to give you more information provide an easy way for them to do so. (Note: if they need to fill something out on the brochure, be sure that the printed product will be done on a writable substrate. Dull/matte coated or uncoated stocks will be your best option)

•Remember who your target audience is when creating your brochure. Don’t expect the same design to work for every situation. Think about the tastes, interests, and needs of your audience when laying out your brochure. For example, if you are sending a brochure to home buyers, include several glossy pictures to catch their eye. A text-laden piece may not be a great option in such a situation.

Brochure Printing
When the time comes to research printing options for your brochure, remember that commercial full-color printers present a broad selection of papers and finishing options for the piece. Thicker, heavier paper stocks create a more substantial feel to the piece, while thinner paper stocks work great if the brochure needs multiple folds or if you are trying to keep costs down. Below are a couple more things to consider: •Does the piece need to be writable? If so you may want to go with an uncoated or dull/matte stock.

•If you plan to mail your brochure, you may want to go with aqueous coating. This coating gives your brochure a glossy finish and makes it more scuff resistant to mailing machines and handlers.

Brochure Mailing Templates
When creating a brochure that will be mailed, be sure to consider how the piece will be mailed. offers U.S. mail layout guides in the brochure size of your choice. The templates we offer include USPS specific guidelines related to tab positioning, allowable dimensions, and location and size of the address panel. These considerations may affect which mail class can be selected and cost of the postage to complete the mailing. Our brochure mailing experts are here to help you determine the best mailing option for your piece. You can also find additional information on our mailing services tips page.

Even if you don’t plan to mail the brochure right away, it would behoove you to research the possibility of including a mailing panel in your brochure design. Our full-service brochure printing and mailing service team can easily produce extra brochures for you at minimal cost and hold them for possible future mailings.

Video Printed Brochures are one of the most flexible pieces in your advertising and marketing tool box. They can be used for any number of projects: sell sheets, tradeshow hand-outs, product launches, flyers, bulleting, menus, newsletters, spec sheets, and much more. Never underestimate the power of the printed piece.

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