Creative Video-in-Print Solutions for Advertising

Creative Video-in-Print Solutions for Advertising

Funsuper video-in-print is a unique and innovative approach to traditional print advertising. With it, you can embed video screen sizes from 2.4” to 10.1” into your printed material to make a promotional video brochure or countless other exciting products.

The flexible print and design options can be utilized for a variety of creative, attention-grabbing uses. Some of the most popular include sales and marketing collateral, company or facility overview presentations, political campaigns, restaurant menus and recruiting and training. Funsuper Solutions offers a two- to four-week production and delivery lead-time to ensure your video-in-print advertising is ready when you need it.

What is Funsuper video-in-print? 

Funsuper video-in-print is exactly what the name insinuates—it’s a video screen embedded into the printed pages or binding of a brochure, display, magazine, invite, etc. This affordable promotional product is the perfect way to get people talking and get your content shared.

Funsuper Solutions can produce video-in-print pieces in full color and in multiple sizes. Plus, it is rechargeable and can be updated with new chapters or video as needed. The features are fully customizable with buttons such as stop, play, volume control and more. Video-in-print gives life to your printed materials!

Why use Funsuper video-in-print? 

Funsuper Video-in-print is unexpected and engaging.

Funsuper Video-in-print is an interactive, exciting way to attract the attention of your audience! Engaging your customers and inviting them to interact with your promotional products increases their product awareness. If an image is worth a thousand words, just imagine the value of a video. It’s a great way to engage users and keep their attention on your company or product!

Stand out and communicate your message quickly and effectively using the latest technology. Contact Funsuper Solutions to assist you in capturing your message on video and integrating it with unique and innovative print collateral. Get a FREE estimate today!

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