Chinese Brand FunSuper Video Booklets Tailored to You

Chinese Brand FunSuper Video Booklets Tailored to You

Tailored to You!

All FunSuper video brochures are made to order, they are totally bespoke. We work with your brand and our mission is to produce the perfect video brochure for you and your clients.

We will discuss your requirements and make recommendations according to your objectives. We will consider the quantity required, turnaround, branding, target market and budget.

The screen, the interface, the material; every aspect is customisable to the finest details. Our video brochures are designed just for you.

Brochure Design
We offer all our clients the option to use their own custom designs or to work directly with our in-house design team. We can work with your branding and marketing department to produce video brochure designs that encapsulate who you are and what you do.

With multiple button interfaces and screen sizes to choose from, we will ensure we maximise your brochure’s impact, outside and in.

If you have an existing design team, then fear not! We can send you brochure templates to work off and give you any guidance and assistance along the way.

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