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China Factory LCD Brochure Paper Descriptions

FunSuper China factory supplier provides you with high quality printing of the most popular standard LCD video brochure sizes. Multiple paper and folding options allow to you to order most configurations online, as well as request a price on almost any custom format or option you might need.

Brochure Paper Descriptions

We specialize in high-quality brochure paper stocks. You can find a wide assortment of brochure paper types, from lighter weight text papers to thicker cover stocks, uncoated, glossy or with a dull matte finish. Many of our brochure papers are FSC certified, and if you don’t see what you want, contact us to discuss other custom brochure paper stocks including synthetic and recycled papers.

Our standard brochure paper stocks:

80# Gloss Text
Standard glossy brochure paper stock, about as thick as a light magazine cover. The glossy finish provides an exceptional base for full-color printing. This is our most popular stock and is the most economical.

80# Dull/matte text
This brochure paper stock is coated with a non-gloss finish. This paper offers a first-rate foundation for easy to read, sharp print. It provides professional looking printing without the glossy look of the gloss paper.

100# Gloss Text
Comparable to the 80# gloss text, but is about 25% thicker and heavier, for a more substantial feel. The firmer, higher end feel makes it well suited for product sheets and self mailers and will hold up better in the mail.

100# Dull/matte Text
About 25% thicker and heavier than the 80# Dull/matte text for a more substantial feel. The firmer, higher end feel makes it well suited for larger brochures and self mailers and will hold up better with handling and in the mail.

80# Gloss Cover
As a brochure cover stock, this paper is firm, about like a postcard or business card. This stock is coated with a glossy finish, making photographs and artwork look eye-catching. Standard uses are durable, heavy-weight brochures, catalog covers, product spec sheets, and small posters.

80# Dull/Matte Cover
Our dull/matte brochure paper is a cover stock with a smooth, matte coating. This brochure paper stock is well suited for detailed, sharp printing without forgoing the ability to easily write on the paper.

Looking for something a little different!? We also carry a variety of specialty papers that would make any brochure unique. Call us now or request a quote.


Dull Matte or Gloss Aqueous Coating
This water based clear coating is used to protect your brochures and other print projects, by providing a surface that repels dirt and fingerprints. Aqueous coating improves the toughness of brochures as they travel through the mail system. It also looks attractive on sell sheets, catalog covers, and stand-alone flyers and gives brochures of all sizes and folds a rich, classy feel.

UV Coating
UV (ultraviolet) coating is the perfect way to make your piece pop! This coating provides an ultra glossy, shiny look that will not only help protect your piece, but give it a dramatic look that will catch any eye.

Soft Touch Coating
This elegant coating is a great way to give your brochures a unique, silky, satin, velvety texture you can actually feel.

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