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Capture Your Target Clients With Video Brochure Printing

How do you engage new customers and explain product and service details? It’s easy. Expand your advertising presence with video brochures. As one of the most impactful yet low cost marketing tools, video brochures continue to be a great choice for both small businesses and large, established companies. They are easy to create, inexpensive to produce, and showcase your brand effectively.

With our quality online printing service and plenty of custom printing options, you will be able to create the perfect promotional video brochure. All of our video brochures are printed on high quality paper and cardstock with optional matte or glossy coating. You can print video brochures tomorrow with our fast turnaround, and with their low cost, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Video Brochure Marketing Tips

For effective video brochures, here are some tips that you need to know before printing your video brochures.

Video Brochure folds are the most distinctive features of video in print brochures. Take full advantage of these folds by incorporating them into your design.

Limit the use of font types. Usually, two or three different fonts are enough—one for the title, one for the headers, and one for the body.

Know your paper stock and coating. Consider using thicker paper for added durability. Use matte and glossy coating for added pizzazz.

Always check for spelling and grammar errors in your content. Use simple statements to get your point across.
Use high resolution photos. Never cut corners when designing your video brochures. That first impression is important. The video brochure is the unique combination of audio, video and print! More details please contact us.

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