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Top 8 Chinese Video Brochures for Cost-Effective Marketing Ideas

Top 8 Chinese Video Brochures for Cost-Effective Marketing Ideas

Design and create your own eye-catching marketing material with these 8 top video brochures from Chinese manufacturer Fun Technology Ltd.

Since 2010, Fun Technology Ltd ( also called FUNTEK) have showcased some inspirational examples of video brochure design, proving that traditional marketing booklets don’t have to be boring. A well designed video brochure can, in fact, be a great way to get you and your work noticed.

So if you fancy showcasing your work in print form, perhaps for your design portfolio or to show off a project you’re particularly proud of, why not get started with one of these video brochures, aimed specifically at creatives?

We’ve updated this list with fresh video brochures, as well as information about which artwork template you’ll need to download them.

  1. 2.4” Video Business Card VBC-024M  

Product detail link: http://www.fun-tek.com/productshow.asp?ciid=120

Template download link: http://www.fun-tek.com/downloadlist.asp?i=4

If you want to create a creative and impressive business card that’s attractive to everyone, then this 2.4’’ video business card VBC-024M is definitely worth a look. Fully editable your pages, there are 128Mb memory for you to drop in your video data in an interesting and engaging way.

  1. 2.4” Video Business Card VBC-024P    

Product detail link: http://www.fun-tek.com/productshow.asp?ciid=987

Template download link: http://www.fun-tek.com/downloadlist.asp?i=4

Almost everything you do in business today is digital. NOW is the perfect moment to replace the old paper business card with a pull-out style 2.4’’ Video Business Card VBC-024P. Sales just got Easy!

  1. 2.4” Video Brochure VGC-024     

Product detail link: http://www.fun-tek.com/productshow.asp?ciid=808

Template download link: http://www.fun-tek.com/downloadlist.asp?i=4

Designed with advertising, events, photography, fashion or product information brochures in mind, VGC-024 is a multipurpose half-fold A5 2.4’’ video brochure featuring professionally full colors print in matte lamination styles. Compatible with AVI format, this model uses our special video format conversion tool so to save your uploading time, and keeps printing easy and cost-effective by not using large screens.

  1. 2.8” Video Brochure VGC-028

Product detail link: http://www.fun-tek.com/productshow.asp?ciid=805

Template download link: http://www.fun-tek.com/downloadlist.asp?i=4

Give your brand guidelines with this cost-effective A4/A5 video brochure VGC-028 that covers all the bases and uses mini LCD screen. It comes with 4 pages to work with, all carefully organized and fully layered, and it’s easy to add control buttons or duplicate video files for offline marketing.

  1. 4.3” Video Brochure VGC-043     

Product detail link: http://www.fun-tek.com/productshow.asp?ciid=806

Template download link: http://www.fun-tek.com/downloadlist.asp?i=4

For the more compact-seeking creative, this A5 4.3’’ video brochure VGC-043 will easily slip into the bags of those all-important new clients, while still showcasing all your brilliant, creative work. The large space allocated to imagery is a nice break from many of the other text-stuffed brochure templates we’ve seen.

  1. 5.0” Video Brochure VGC-050   

Product detail link: http://www.fun-tek.com/productshow.asp?ciid=931

Template download link: http://www.fun-tek.com/downloadlist.asp?i=4

If you want to showcase your company profile and service, here’s one of the best 5’’ video brochure VGC-050 we’ve produced for that purpose. Working in a square style, this template is well organized and layered in all the right places. There’s also a pocket inside design for business cards and pamphlets to improve marketing effectiveness.

  1. 7.0” HD Video Brochure VGC-070

Product detail link: http://www.fun-tek.com/productshow.asp?ciid=807

Template download link: http://www.fun-tek.com/downloadlist.asp?i=4

If you’ve created a brilliant branding identity and want to show off each part of your design process, this A5 7’’ HD screen video brochure could be just what you need, with multiple control buttons and customizable pages at your disposal.

  1. 10.1” Video Brochure VGC-101  

Product detail link: http://www.fun-tek.com/productshow.asp?ciid=821

Template download link: http://www.fun-tek.com/downloadlist.asp?i=4

We just had to include this brilliant video brochure design on our list of video brochures. With print dimensions of 8.25×11.6 and CMYK colours, this creative A4 10.1’’ video brochure VGC-101 will allow your work to speak for itself. The large space for a screen design at the inner page will instantly catch the eye of prospective clients and customers, while the side fold open style will prove effective in showcasing information in a clean and concise manner.

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