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Looking for Video in Print? As 100% Original Supplier in China, Funsuper Video in Print is a new technology that enables a paper- thin video player to be embedded in a brochure, mailer, magazine, book or other product. The video can be up to two hours in length. The device is a small LCD screen with a flash memory. When a page is opened, the video is triggered to start automatically. The lithium battery lasts for about an hour before you have to recharge it through the USB port. The USB port can also be used to put your own videos on the device.

More and more companies are discovering the endless possibilities of Video In Print. The combination of print, video and audio provides unparalleled response from the recipient! Video in Print is used as a unique presentation tool and business card but also, for example, as an invitation to an event or as a ‘thank you’ after a seminar.

Funsuper Video in Print has the capacity to produce more than 10,000 video brochures per week. This leads to super fast delivery times and only the best quality video in print at the best prices! We are, therefore, the right choice for your video in print project. Contact us and discover the possibilities!

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